Snow Roofing employs first-class roof installers and the finest project managers in the industry 




To say Snow Roofing has extensive experience in installing long-lasting roofing systems is an understatement. With over 1500 roofs installed in 2014 we are confident that your roof will last, look-great, and increase your homes value for years to come. 

Snow Roofing will assess your roof for possible storm damage at no cost!


Dealing with insurance companies can be a scary thing for most home owners. Here at Snow Roofing all of our project managers are certified storm damage inspectors. We assess roofs for storm damage and know what level of damage is needed in order to make a legitimate claim. Our project managers will help our customers every step of the way, our customers do not have to do anything on their own from the very first step through the end of the project. For a free assessment call Snow Roofing today to see if you qualify for a full roof replacement at the cost of only your deductible!  

Typical wind damaged shingles   

Typical wind damaged shingles


 Wind creased shingles, such as this photo, cannot be seen from the ground

 Wind creased shingles, such as this photo, cannot be seen from the ground

Protection that Lasts! 


Snow Roofing is a certified roofing contractor through GAF. In order for Snow Roofing to be confident in the work that we promise to our customers we must use the best quality shingles and roofing components on the market. We want our customers to stay worry free when bad weather hits the area. Our entire roofing system will give the protection that you and your family deserve for years to come. For a list of style options and colors visits GAF



Some companies cut corners to save money, you won't find that with Snow Roofing.


Snow Roofing uses all the components of GAFs Roofing System.  1.) Pro-Start, applied to all eaves and rakes. GAF starter strips are made with a high quality, properly positioned adhesive that will tightly lock your shingles in place to help prevent blow-off 2.) Seal-a-ridge, applied to hips and ridges. GAF ridge cap shingles provide reliable protection at the highest-stress area of your roof. 3.) Weather Watch, applied to eaves and valleys, creates a 100% watertight seal that keeps water out of the most vulnerable areas. Commonly referred to as "Ice and water" prevents ice dams along gutter lines. 4.) Cobra Ridge Runner, allows for optimal ventilation for the attic and roof and will greatly improve the life of the roofing system. 5) Roof Deck Protection(felt), allows moisture to escape the attic while providing excellent protection from weather elements.