Some companies cut corners to save money, you won't find that with Snow Roofing.


Snow Roofing uses all the components of GAFs Roofing System.  1.) Pro-Start, applied to all eaves and rakes. GAF starter strips are made with a high quality, properly positioned adhesive that will tightly lock your shingles in place to help prevent blow-off 2.) Seal-a-ridge, applied to hips and ridges. GAF ridge cap shingles provide reliable protection at the highest-stress area of your roof. 3.) Weather Watch, applied to eaves and valleys, creates a 100% watertight seal that keeps water out of the most vulnerable areas. Commonly referred to as "Ice and water" prevents ice dams along gutter lines. 4.) Cobra Ridge Runner, allows for optimal ventilation for the attic and roof and will greatly improve the life of the roofing system. 5) Roof Deck Protection(felt), allows moisture to escape the attic while providing excellent protection from weather elements.